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Clever and Inviting Living - A3 floor plan

Clever and Inviting Living

Home is where our story begins. And every story needs the right setting. The A3 floor plan at One Seven at Belleview Station offers a beautifully designed space that feels just right. With 696 SF of crafted design, it effortlessly displays clever and inviting living. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the A3 floor plan stand out.

The Inviting Bedroom

The bedroom in the A3 floor plan is truly something special. It’s your personal sanctuary in the bustling city. Here, you can dream big, rest deeply, and wake up refreshed. With ample space, there’s enough room for your favorite bed, a nightstand, and even a cozy reading nook. The windows let in natural light, making mornings brighter and nights more serene. And your bedroom becomes not just a place to sleep but a personal haven of calm and comfort.

Living in Luxury Everyday

Every detail in the A3’s bathroom speaks of thoughtful design. The fixtures are modern, and there’s enough storage space to keep all your essentials organized. If you’re preparing for a busy day ahead or winding down with a relaxing bath in the evening, this bathroom is your daily dose of luxury. You can even have a spa day anytime you want. It’s a space that’s both practical and pleasant, ensuring you start and end your day on the right note.

Clever Storage Solutions

Everyone knows that small details can make a big difference. In the A3 floor plan, the coat closet is one such detail. Positioned conveniently near the entrance, it’s perfect for storing jackets, scarves, and hats. Instead of scattering your outerwear around the house, the coat closet keeps them in one easy-to-find spot. It’s a simple yet clever storage solution that adds to the home’s overall functionality. Everything and everyone has a luxurious place here at One Seven at Belleview Station.

Expect clever and inviting living when you join our One Seven at Belleview Station community. Lease our A3 floor plan today!