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Into the Culinary Wonderland - juicy steak being cut in a wooden chopping board with a knife and fork

Into the Culinary Wonderland

Calling One Seven at Belleview Station home is all about the finer things in life, and let’s be honest, few things scream luxury more than a perfectly cooked steak. But why stop there? Shanahan’s Steakhouse doesn’t. This local gem is where upscale living meets mouth-watering cuisine. Imagine a place where the steaks are as rich as the conversations and the cocktails as spirited as the ambiance. Explore into the culinary wonderland that is Shanahan’s Steakhouse, a place where elegance is not just seen but savored.

Shanahan’s Steakhouse

At Shanahan’s Steakhouse, every steak is a masterpiece. They understand that a great steak starts with the best cuts of meat, seasoned and cooked to perfection. Whether you prefer a tender filet mignon or a robust ribeye, Shanahan’s delivers with flavors that dance on your palate. Their secret? It’s not just the grilling technique, but the love and attention to detail that goes into each dish. Leather-accented space known for its steaks & seafood, plus a mingle-friendly bar & patio. And for the residents of One Seven at Belleview Station, a dinner here isn’t just a meal; it’s an extension of their elevated lifestyle. After all, nothing says luxury like cutting into a perfectly cooked steak that melts in your mouth.

Into Seafood That Makes Waves

Shanahan’s isn’t just about steaks; their seafood is a tidal wave of flavor that will sweep you off your feet. From succulent lobster tails to delicately seasoned salmon, the fish here is always fresh and impeccably prepared. It’s a celebration of the ocean’s bounty, served with the same flair and sophistication that One Seven at Belleview Station residents are accustomed to. Each seafood dish is a reminder that great cooking isn’t confined to the land. At Shanahan’s, the sea’s treasures are treated with the same reverence as their famed steaks, making every bite an aquatic adventure.

Cocktail Wonderland

What’s a fancy dinner without an amazing cocktail by its side? At Shanahan’s Steakhouse, the cocktail makers create drinks that look as good as they taste. Looking for a classic martini or something new and bold? Their drink menu has just the right mix to go with your meal. These cocktails are more than just drinks; they lift up your dining experience, making every flavor stand out even more. For those with refined tastes at One Seven at Belleview Station, these drinks are the perfect way to celebrate a night of fine eating and living. Here, crafting cocktails is all about making every sip unforgettable.

Shanahan’s Steakhouse is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary destination that epitomizes the luxurious lifestyle of One Seven at Belleview Station residents. Here, every meal is an opportunity to indulge in the best that life has to offer, from succulent steaks and fresh seafood to inventive cocktails. It’s a place where the essence of upscale living is not just maintained but celebrated with every dish and drink. So, for those who call One Seven home, Shanahan’s is not just a night out; it’s a reflection of the elegance and style that defines their lives. Journey into the culinary wonderland at Shanahan’s Steakhouse. We’ll meet you there when you move in. Schedule a tour today!