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Modern Comforts and Privacy - Nest thermostat set to preferred temperature

Modern Comforts and Privacy

As the holiday season is underway, picture yourself in a home where modern ease meets comfortable warmth. One Seven at Belleview Station offers this perfect mix! Our apartments have USB outlets, Nest thermostats, and roller shades to simplify your life and make your space as comfortable as a warm winter embrace. Think about how these features can make your holidays cheerful and relaxed. Here, every detail works to ensure your festive season is as joyful and stress-free as possible. Imagine the comfort and convenience, all wrapped up in your own special holiday haven. Discover modern comforts and privacy in our luxury homes.

Power Up with Modern USB Outlets

In our world today, it’s important to keep in touch, especially during the holidays. That’s why our apartments have USB outlets built right in, so your gadgets are always charged and ready. Forget about looking for adapters or switching out devices to charge! Now, video chatting with family, watching your top holiday films, or listening to cheerful tunes is super easy. These outlets are small things that change a lot, helping you concentrate on the important stuff — creating happy moments. This means more time enjoying and less time worrying about your battery. Get ready to make those special holiday memories with a little help from our thoughtful touches.

Modern Comforts with Nest Thermostats

When it gets cold outside, a warm, snug home is essential for a happy holiday season. Our Nest thermostats make sure you’re always comfy. They’re smart and learn when you’re home to keep it just the right temperature. You can even control them with your phone, so if you’re out, you can set it to warm up before you get back. They save energy too, which is good for your wallet and the Earth. It’s like a little holiday helper, always there to keep you comfortable! With these thermostats, your home becomes a warm holiday haven, keeping the chill outside and the warmth in. You can relax and enjoy the holiday warmth in every corner of your home.

Privacy and Light Control with Roller Shades

The perfect lighting really sets the mood for a festive time. Our roller shades help you easily adjust the light in your home. Draw them down for a snug movie night or let in the morning light for a bright breakfast. They’re also perfect for keeping your private moments just to yourself. Their modern look makes your place stylish, too. With these shades, you decide the holiday vibe, from bright and lively to calm and quiet. They help make every moment feel just right. So, whether you’re opening gifts or just relaxing, the light will be perfect. Enjoy your holidays in the comfort and style you love.

At One Seven at Belleview Station, we understand that it’s the little things that make a house a home, especially during the holiday season. Our apartments are here to simplify your life and increase your comfort, letting you focus on enjoying the festive cheer. With USB outlets, Nest thermostats, and roller shades, you are all ready for a holiday season that’s both merry and bright. So come over and see how our amenities can enhance your holiday experience and make your everyday living a joy. Explore the meaning of modern comforts and privacy at One Seven at Belleview Station. Schedule a tour or secure a lease today!