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The Pinnacle of Luxury Living - rooftop with grilling station and panoramic views

The Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Living at One Seven at Belleview Station is about more than just enjoying a luxury home. It’s all about embracing an elevated lifestyle that turns ordinary days into moments of elegance and comfort. Our upscale community offers more than just a place to live. It comes with the necessities for you to thrive amidst luxury amenities that cater to every aspect of upscale living. Looking to relax, entertain, or simply enjoy the views? We have something special for everyone. Jump into the remarkable amenities that make our homes the pinnacle of luxury living.

Luxury Resort-Style Pool Deck

Take a dip into a life filled with luxury with our resort-style pool. Imagine relaxing by a pool that not only lets you swim but also gives you a stunning mountain view. Our large rooftop pool deck is a prime spot for leisure. It features a tanning ledge ideal for sunbathing and getting that caramel skin on. It also features a hot tub to unwind in after a busy day. The area around the pool has plenty of comfy lounge seating, perfect for relaxing and taking in the beautiful views. This place isn’t just for relaxing; it’s here for the ultimate leisure experience right at home.

Outdoor Entertainment and Living

Our rooftop offers more than just a resort-style pool. It also comes with a full outdoor entertainment area. With several grilling stations, it’s ideal for barbecues and get-togethers. The dining spots come with fashionable lounge seating. They let you and your guests eat outdoors under the sky. Meet around the fire table for a magical evening, which offers a warm glow as the sun goes down. This feature makes everything feel warm and welcoming. It’s a great place to make lasting memories with friends and family, all in the luxury setting you deserve.

The Pinnacle of Mountain Views

One of the standout features of One Seven at Belleview Station is the panoramic mountain views. Are you sipping your morning coffee or watching the sunset? These views make every moment special and majestic. From the rooftop deck, you get the best spot to see these beautiful scenes, making ordinary moments amazing. It’s more than just a view. It’s an everyday chance to enjoy nature and the peaceful beauty around us in comfort and elegance.

At One Seven at Belleview Station, each amenity is carefully planned to improve your lifestyle. From the luxurious pool deck to the cozy fire table, all of our community features show the upscale life. Living here, you get to enjoy a place where luxury and convenience come together. Life here makes every day feel like a vacation. Live the life you’ve always wanted, surrounded by elegance and exceptional amenities. Our homes are more than just a place to live; they are places where life gets better. Give the pinnacle of luxury living a go here at One Seven at Belleview Station. Book a tour of our luxury homes and amenities today!