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Work From Home, Only Better - Remote Work Center

Work From Home, Only Better

Work from home, only better here at One Seven at Belleview Station. Hello, remote workers and digital nomads! Let’s delve into a feature at One Seven at Belleview Station that’s designed just for you – the Remote Work Center.


Working From Home

In this modern age, many of us are trading the traditional office for the flexibility of remote work. And while working from home has its benefits, it also comes with distractions. That’s where we come in with our solution – a dedicated Remote Work Center. Imagine you’re working on a crucial project and need a quiet, productive space to focus. You don’t need to travel far or book an expensive co-working space. All you need to do is walk down to the Remote Work Center.


Making It Work

The Remote Work Center is like your personal office away from your home office. It’s quiet, allowing you to focus on your work without distractions. It’s spacious, providing ample room to spread out your materials. But it’s not just about peace and space; the center is also fully equipped with the latest technology. High-speed Wi-Fi ensures your video calls are crystal clear, and there are plenty of power outlets to keep your devices charged. Plus, comfortable seating makes long work hours less strenuous.


Socializing, Only Better

Beyond work, the Remote Work Center is also a place to connect with other remote professionals in the community. It’s a chance to network, share ideas, or enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. In summary, the Remote Work Center is more than just a workspace. It’s a productivity hub, a community spot, and a reflection of how we understand and cater to the needs of our residents.

Here at One Seven at Belleview Station, we offer you the chance to work from home, only better. Call us now and schedule a private tour!