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Your Healthy Haven Awaits - motivational quote and dumbells in the wellness center

Your Healthy Haven Awaits

Wellness starts with you! One Seven at Belleview Station is more than just a place to live; it’s a path to a life focused on health and personal happiness. We believe in the value of a life that’s both fit and peaceful, just as much as having a comfortable home. Take a look at the amenities we offer that make One Seven at Belleview Station perfect for anyone who puts health and joy first. In our community, every feature comes with your well-being in mind. From our fitness areas to relaxing spaces, we’ve thought of everything. Living here means you’re part of a place that cares about your overall wellness, not just a roof over your head. Your healthy haven awaits you here at One Seven at Belleview Station.

A State-of-the-Art Wellness Center Awaits

At the center of our fitness amenities is our wellness center. It’s packed with all the latest gear for strength and cardio exercises, ready for whatever kind of workout you like. If you’re into lifting weights, doing cardio, or a mix of both, our gym has everything you need for a full workout. There are private areas with TVs for those who want a more personal exercise routine. These spots are great for working out with videos, doing yoga, or dancing alone. It’s as if you have your small gym where you can work out just how you want, whenever you want.

Fitness Tailored for a Healthy Lifestyle

One Seven at Belleview Station supports a fitness routine that suits your way of life. Our wellness center has special private areas for exercising. These spots are perfect for those who like a more personal space for their workouts. You can use the TVs to watch exercise videos, join an online class, or do your own workout without any interruptions. These areas are really versatile, so no matter if you’re new to working out or really into fitness. You’ll find a spot that’s right for you. We have places for calm stretching and also for intense exercise, fitting all types of workout needs.

A Haven Focused on Well-being

Living at One Seven at Belleview Station means joining a community where well-being is a priority. Our wellness center is a reflection of our commitment to your health and happiness. It’s not just about physical fitness. It’s about creating a space where residents can come together to support and motivate each other in their wellness journeys. Our community is designed to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. With our top-notch fitness amenities, you can easily integrate exercise into your daily routine. We believe that a well-balanced life starts with a strong foundation in health, and we’re here to help you build that foundation.

One Seven at Belleview Station is more than just a place to live – it’s a community that enhances your lifestyle with a focus on wellness and fitness. With our modern wellness center, private exercise areas, and a community that values health, you’re sure to find the perfect balance between staying active and feeling at home. We invite you to join our community and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Your healthy haven awaits you here at One Seven at Belleview Station. Secure a lease of our luxury homes today!